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Services & Fees

Please find out a more detailed list of our services and areas of responsibility
Preparing & filing financial statements
Assisting with annual external audits
Consolidated accounts & statements
Management reporting for client’s individual needs
Regulatory reporting (e.g. to NBP, GUS, ZUS)
Tax preparation including: PIT, CIT, VAT, WHT (withholding taxes) - calculation, registry forms, compliance, returns preparation & filing
Prepare and file appropriate fiscal registration forms
Representation before tax authorities as well as other state governmental institutions
Bookkeeping Services
Payroll (& personnel files)
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Keeping the accounting records required by law
Monthly & annual closing and reconciliation
Management accounts and reports in an agreed format
Payroll processing
Payroll taxes preparation and filing tax returns
Paycheck writing
Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation
We offer a full range of bookkeeping & accounting business services at an affordable price.
Depending on client’s needs and expected level of service, they can be distinguished into 2 main categories:
   Basic Compliance services
   Add-on & Complementary services

Basic Compliance services
The idea of our ‘compliance’ solutions is to provide the basic services for you to stay compliant with the local standards & regulations. So you bring us all the accounting documents (sale & purchase invoices, bills, bank statements, payroll instructions etc.) and we do the job i.e. take care of all your accounting, bookkeeping & fiscal obligations.
It is a highly efficient and comfortable option, as you do not even need to know what your statutory obligations really are but you know exactly the price.

The accounting & bokkeeping basic compliance services include:
Bookkeeping - keeping the statutory records appropriate to your business’s legal structure
Keeping VAT ledgers
Filing monthly VAT returns & VAT SAF (Standard Audit File) with tax authorities
Taxes preparation (incl. CIT/ PIT, VAT, real estate tax, tax on civil law transactions)
Cross border transactions (VAT treatment, withholding income tax / tax at source)
Annual Accounts (also referred to as Year-End Statutory Accounts or Financial Statement)
Annual Tax Returns: CIT (Corporation Income Tax) or PIT  (Personal Income Tax)
Filing of Annual Accounts & Tax Returns (with tax office & National Court Registrar)
Reporting to NBP (National Bank of Poland) & GUS (Chief Statistical Office)
Representation before authorities

Add-on & Complementary services
This is meant to complement the routine basic compliance outsourced accounting with all the other services and extra functionalities provided by a typical internal accounts department. The scope of service can be tailored to meet your individual needs and, taken together with the ‘basic compliance’ services, can provide you with a full financial back office function. We may cover the following areas:

Internal reporting:
Group reporting according to client’s internal group standards
Managerial and project accounting
Preparing consolidation pack for the parent/holding company
Budget control (budget-to-actual reporting)
Sharing the reports and accounting records:
Remote/online access to our servers
Importation of data directly from our accounting systems
Keeping the books on client's own servers
Using cloud solutions
Using client’s own accounting software or cloud accounting system
Cash control:
Chasing of unpaid debtors
Management of Payments to Suppliers
Reconciliation of Supplier Accounts to prevent duplicate payments
Weekly/monthly cashflow to monitor immediate cash needs of the business
Issue warning letters
Issuing of Late Payment Charge Invoices
Legal proceedings on unpaid debts and initiating Court Process
Transaction processing (including accounts payable, travel and expense processing)
Documents' management & Operational support:
Billing (i.e. making out sales invoices e.g. under executed orders)
Managing warehouses and inventories
Stock control
Processing personal expenses
Credit Card & Petty cash ledger keeping
Of course the above services and functionalities are just an example of how our offer can be customized and what kind of added value we can provide.