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Our offer

Depending on the client's needs and expectations we offer two basic packages of accounting services:
Basic Accounting Service

Primarily oriented towards establishing and maintaining compliance with the Polish accounting standards and fiscal regulations. In this solution the point is to take care of all the client’s external reporting duties & obligations arousing from compliance with Polish local law so as to let the client stay focused on running his core businesses.

Under this approach, after reviewing the client’s business and establishing the detailed terms to meet his expectations, our service gradually turns into a daily routine with relatively low interaction with the client’s staff.
The service is usually performed remotely (just like by a typical online accountancy firm): the client provides us (usually by email or other on-line file exchange platform) with accounting documents and information (e.g. scans of invoices or receipts, table of wages, contracts, statements, etc.); then we do the paper work, keep the accounting records up-to-date and come up with financial statements and tax returns, which we then deliver to the client or file directly to the appropriate government agencies.
Extended Accounting Service

Equivalent of a Chief Accountant position, for those clients who need a much greater and broader scope of service.

In this scheme we take a more active approach and  get more engaged in the client’s business processes, particularly in the administration issues such as monitoring and shaping financial and fiscal policies, resolving accounting & tax issues with client’s counterparties, assisting the client’s executives in decision-making, preparing managerial reports, document management (e.g. making-out invoices and internal documents, preparing personnel documentation).

Such a degree of direct involvement in the client’s business prompts our regular presence at the client’s office, usually corresponding to a part time employment.